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A global storyteller

I’m always learning from the world around me. When I’m not scaling mountains or swimming in reefs, I freelance with globally minded organizations and individuals who are creating positive impact in the world. As a graduate from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, I am constantly honing my communication skill set to tell stories that matter and challenge old perspectives

As an intersectional environmentalist and remote freelance writer, I aim to advocate for the environment and elevate the voices of people of color, youth, indigenous groups, women, immigrants & refugees, and queer communities worldwide. My work supports mind-body-spirit integrated health and wellness, food security and land sovereignty, radical compassion, land restoration, and international BIPOC & LGBTQ+ culture & issues. 

I deliver SEO-driven content, grant applications, and visual storytelling for businesses, individuals, and nonprofits. I have written for companies such as woman-owned CBD brand House of Wise and reusable packaging solutions brand Topanga.io, created videos for Peruvian marine biologists and NGO World Learning, and written land sovereignty grants for the Navajo Nation and a Kichwa community in the Ecuadorian Amazon. What can I do for you?

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Quinta Brava Cooking School

Grant Proposal Videos for Seaweed Project

Marketing Videos for Student Experiences

Magazine Designer & Editor

Political Reporter

SEO Women's Health Writer

POPSUGAR Series Writer

Reusable Packaging SEO Writer

Diversify Outdoors Blog Contributor

NGO Media Team

Magazine Writer & Designer

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The Failures of Our Food Production System

The Failures of Our Food Production System

It's time to change our methods of food production.I was always dazzled by the markets in Southeast Asia. Whether I was in Vietnam or Laos, the open-air markets were always teeming with stalls of leafy vegetables, tropical fruits, mountains of rice, pungent fish and...

Decolonizing Travel: What We Can Do Today

Decolonizing Travel: What We Can Do Today

What You Can Do To Begin Decolonizing TravelLast week, I examined several methods of travel that harm the environment and local communities while perpetuating imperial systems of inequality. Reflecting upon my own experiences participating in these modes of travel and...

Decolonizing Travel: The Modes We Must Leave Behind

Decolonizing Travel: The Modes We Must Leave Behind

It’s time to change our methods of travel.I started this blog for a few reasons: to showcase the dynamic richness of many cultures, delve into sociological-based solutions for global issues, and publicize my misadventures to the whole world. As the world is learning...

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